Cherik AU: Erik is a CIA agent and Charles an informer. They start a forbidden and dangerous relationship, which soon blows the latter’s cover.

Please tell me someone’s written this so I can read it? Please?


i cant stop thinking about ancient egyptian zelda ugh
tbh i dont know a lot about loz though so you guys can consider this whatever (i will use any excuse to draw non eurocentric princesses/queens)

My shipping imagination is running wild 

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Okay, so yesterday and today have been a massive wake up call for me with regards to my studies and my finances. I am going to be strapped for cash trying to save up for my year abroad next September, and working towards keeping my grades up enough to go to a decent uni over there.

This will, unfortunately, mean that I’m going to be tired, overworked, stressed, and very probably without much free time. So as of Monday this blog is on hiatus. I don’t know for how long, or how frequently I’ll be posting, if at all.

I’m genuinely really sad about this, especially as I’ve just reached 500 followers, and that meant so much to me. While my TESOL grades were fantastic last year, my Japanese was really not up to scratch. I managed to scrape a 2:1 last year and god only knows how. I am determined to get a 1st in this degree so that I can get a masters from the best university I can, hopefully with some kind of scholarship to help me fund it.

If you want to get hold of me I’ll still be answering any asks I get privately, and I’ll still be posting fanfics on my AO3 when I can. I love you all, and I’m really sorry.

"And the g u i l t. It’s crippling. I guess I deserve it.”

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There are so few Vulcans left, we cannot afford to ignore each other.

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imagine steve and bucky happy. thats it. just happy. they need to be happy why arent they happy

Star Trek Proudly Presents: The Unique and Wonderful Unicorn Dog!

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